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with Sarah Hoover
Elemental Experiences for living your
dream life.

Be empowered to live your best life with peace of body, mind and soul.
Uncover your deepest wisdom.
Learn the tools you need to heal yourself & live your dreams..
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Do you dream of creating a life full of creativity, self-empowerment & just the right touch of wildness?

Do you feel lost , unable to find clarity about how you want to live your one precious life?

Do you feel like you're living by someone else's rules of success & happiness?

Are you successful by society's standards, but still feeling unfulfilled?

Do you desire peace & wholeness in your body, mind & emotions?

Are you searching for that missing piece, that next step on the path of your beautiful life?

Then the Lifestyle Coaching, Reiki, Yoga & other soulful life practices from Sarah could be for you!

I'm Sarah, & I teach tools to help successful women redefine happiness for themselves so they can live the life of their dreams.




Join me on the journey & get your free chakra journaling questions to unlock your inner wisdom now!



More about what we can do:


I support successful, self loving women as they discover the next steps they want to take in living their most empowered life. Together, we uncover subconscious patterns keeping you small, undo self sabotage, discover new dreams, & create a plan for how to fulfill them. Reiki energy healing, chakra cleansing, visualizations, breathwork & many other tools move you from questioning your path to walking it with confidence & power.


If you've worked hard, done a lot, & you know you're looking for answers: what to create & how to be in the next phase of your life, I'm here for you. I can help you get rid of old patterns & emerge with new ideas, power & energy for the life you long to create. My clients are spiritual seekers as well as business owners, professionals, educators, & soulfully sensitive to fulfilling their life calling & purpose. They want to dream up & actually live their dreams so they can contribute to the world in a meaningful, impactful way. They've had their ups & downs & they've stared themselves straight in the face at the lowest point of their live & said YES to moving upwards from despair. You can do this too. It's all inside of you & I want to help you find that strength & utilize it for your new career, new relationship, new job & new outlook on life.


I was there. At the bottom of the pit, looking up. For years, I settled & accepted deeply abusive relationships, eating disorders, financial ups & downs, & depression as my norm, as my destiny. When I looked at my life & realized that was all I had, I realized I had to get out. I had to find a way to empower myself to live a life of love, prosperity, connection & pure joy & fulfillment in my work. It all started with one yoga class, which evolved into leaving abusive relationships for good, getting really, really balanced in my self love & care, learning Reiki, starting a relationship with my own coach, & deciding I wanted to offer all the experiences I've had to support women who want to do the same thing: Remake themselves & their life, again & again, to align their inside desires with their outside reality. Nothing brings me more joy than to hear a woman say that she's resolved past pain & created new joy for herself, her life & her family because of the work she's done with me. Empower one woman to change herself, & we can change the world. 


Things to know about me:


*I love to travel. My list of countries I still want to visit include: Kenya, Tanzania, Fiji, Cambodia, Australia & Canada.


*I thought I was Laura Ingalls Wilder when I was 8.


*Maya & Ava, my Lab & Bassett Hound, are my favorite hiking buddies & best friends.

*I taught in public schools for over 20 years. I loved working with English Learners & we utilized meditation, yoga and breathwork everyday in our classroom.


*I had a history of attracting abusive relationships because I had a subconscious belief that I was worthy of punishment.


*I love all four seasons. Living in Missouri means I get the best of each: hiking, kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, snowball fights, rain walks, we get it all here.


*I want to live in a van by the river, in a treehouse, & in a New Mexico adobe style home in the desert. And in a glamping tent.


*I love the work I get to do with all of you each & every day.

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Group Sessions

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Private Session


a private session by email or text:


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“Sarah is an remarkably gifted energy healer and yoga instructor. She has a talent to awaken, tune, and amplify the body and mind’s natural healing processes while creating a compassionate and welcoming environment to restore and heal. After my sessions with Sarah, I am  recharged and renewed, my body back on the path to wholeness and health. That is why I return for repeat sessions.” ~Sady, Columbia, Missouri

"Sarah’s attention to detail, and knowledge of the information she was sharing was over the top! I felt welcomed, comfortable to be myself and I felt transformed when I left the class. Sarah is a top notch teacher and an amazing human." ~Tawnee, Columbia, Missouri

Join us on the journey & get your free chakra journaling questions to unlock your inner wisdom now!

Sarah led me through my first Reiki session and was so welcoming, honest, and caring. She is intentional, receptive, and a healing force that I am forever grateful has entered my life. My time with her was truly life changing, and I look forward to future sessions with her. ~Amy, Columbia, Missouri

“I feel the need to tell the world about my first Reiki experience. I attended Sarah’s Restoration, Chaka Cleansing, and Reiki workshop at Sumit’s last month. On the drive in, I told my friend that it was the perfect day for restoration because, once again, I had woken up angry and exhausted from an upsetting recurring dream I’d been having almost weekly for the past five years. We talked about how I needed to find a way to work through the issue that was causing it. I was one of 19 students in the class, so I honestly didn’t think I would get much out of it. How much energy does one person have to share, right? Well, Sarah proved to me that she has a true gift.  And even better, a gift she is able and willing to share with others. There was one particular part of that class - while working through my sacral (orange) and solar plexus (yellow) chakras - that emotion, in the form of a stream of tears, came flowing out of my body. Then, a vision of exactly what I needed to do to work through the issue causing the recurring dream came to me, clear as day. I made a plan, followed through with it the next day, and haven’t had the dream since. Thank you, Sarah, for helping me find peace.” ~Heather, Columbia, Missouri

"Sarah has been a heaven send to me for the past year. She has guided me to places where I didn’t think I could go. She’s always there to support me and knows what I’m thinking before I even do. Sarah has helped me get rid of bad habits, start good habits, and think in ways I never thought were possible. Her monthly moons have been icing on the cake for my journey. I feel more grounded after those nights and feel like I can tackle my manifestations. Our one on one sessions have helped me start to forgive myself. They have taught me that I am the one to care for myself while still knowing that I need community to do that. Her patience and wisdom loves me feeling loved and calm all while critically thinking about what I want in different aspects of my life. I am so thankful for her."~Natalie, Columbia, Missouri
"Man! I was BUZZING tonight with your instrument and chanting. That circle felt like coming home, and as always, is exactly what I need."~Chelsea, Columbia, Missouri

"Last night I had reflections on our last session. I had a deep transformational cry that felt like it had been inside for years. So I sat and writing. Just writing and crying. Today the world felt new. It was very exciting.
So thank you! I am grateful for your work and the space you hold in each session."~Sami, Columbia, Missouri

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