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Womb Healing: Creating from Your Power Center

Energetic attachments. What are they & how do I release them?

So many of my clients & spiritually seeking students have been doing cord cutting work with me lately, especially womb healing & clearing up suctions of sexual energy.

Hooks can get into any part of our energy body, but hooks into our womb space, our most creative & powerful energetic center, drain us of our vital life force, creativity, & soul integrity.

Yes, we can literally experience soul sucking through an unconscious & unhealthy energetic attachment, especially one in the womb space.

Oftentimes, these attachments can show up in the material world as co-dependent relationships, repeat styles of trauma, being the “victim” of a repetitive pattern of behavior where a person does something that we perceive as harmful & we suffer within that experience. Even disease & menstrual complications can be caused by this level of energetic harvesting.

Many years ago, with the help of teachers & guides, I healed myself of ovarian cysts by doing deep level womb healing. If I can heal my womb space, you can too.

I can guide you & teach you how to heal yourself your way.

Remember, that everything that happens in the material world is meant to show us what things are really like in our internal world.

Co-dependency & unhealthy attachments can present themselves, but if we have cleared our energy field from being available for unhealthy attachments, those hooks will have nothing to hook into.

Womb & sexual energy healing is at the core of this work. Clearing out the energy of past lovers, sexual partners, birth trauma, sexual trauma & genetic disease coding is essential practice for everyone with a womb space that I know.

I offer the following:

Womb Healing Sessions: Two 90 minute sessions specifically dedicated to clearing out past energies & energetic hooks in the womb space. Follow up notes & access to message me for support are also included during the time in between your sessions, as well as a gift to remind you of the beautiful work you’re doing to heal yourself.

One possibility is to spend part of our time doing a Reiki Yoni Steam in which I would prepare you a yoni steam & ceremony with healing herbs for increasing circulation & receiving healing energy for your second chakra. It’s best to have this experience as your last session. It’s about 45 minutes long.

More details in Sessions Tab!

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