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Wild Womxn Birth

Deepest Solstice blessings of new beginnings & heartfelt dreams to you! May all your heart's desires become seen, known & grown into manifest reality this year.

Last weekend, I birthed & remembered myself as Wild Woman in a whole new way.

I’ve had many connections with her over the past several years but this one was the one that cleared out all crusty debris from my eyes, keeping me from seeing her.

The Wild Woman is the opposite of the socially conditioned self that we have created in order to stay in the illusion of safety. She is the opposite of the people pleasing, self sacrificing woman.

She knows what she wants. She knows her dreams. She longs to live them through the vessel of your life.

The Wild Woman makes us safe by being ourselves. By being so attuned to the Wild nature of existence that we live fully & complete freedom because there is no difference between our inner nature & that of the pulsing, breathing, vibrating Earth herself.

Our essence is one with all living beings when we live as the Wild Woman.

She’s raw. Honest. Fierce. Tender. Fiery. Flowing water. Breezy. Tremendously powerful. Safe. Complete. Whole.

She is the burning sun & she radiates warmth & love from her core.

She self sources. She only needs her own divine validation & expression. Her channel is her own voice, her own wisdom.

She is accessible to our consciousness & longs to meet you. She is you, a version of you that is ready to live through you.

If you’re ready to meet her in yourself, as yourself, reach out. I’d love to take you on a journey to meet your inner Wild Woman.

A Wild Woman Initiation looks like you & me in a session, & I guide you through a hypnotic meditation where you will get a vision & a feeling of yourself as the Wild Woman.

This experience will begin to lead you down your path with Her as your one & only guide. Your realness. Your rawness. Your instinctual nature, unconditioned by society, longs to take the lead in your life.

You are so ready. I would love to journey with you, either in person or on Zoom.

She is waiting for you. Will you answer her call?

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