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Underneath Feelings

What a week. I hope you're doing well, full of peace, life, joy & gratitude.

A few thoughts on the arising & dissolution of thoughts & feelings.

Feelings, like thoughts, come from consciousness & can dissolve back into consciousness as easily as they appeared.

It's very common in spiritual & wellness circles to associate the presence of feelings in a linear fashion, to teach & talk about feelings arising out of thoughts, trauma, past experience, story, or past grief.

It's possible that feelings are associated with these thought forms, & I have experienced feelings as a seeming result of an event or memory.


Feelings exist in the conscious awareness zone just like thoughts do. They can come from someone else, from the socially dominant programming, from repeat conditioned stories fed on loop into our subconscious mind, just like thoughts can.

Did you know that advertising companies, politicians, marketers, basically anyone who wants to hold power or get money off the masses are trained to speak & posture in ways that repeat & affirm stories of lack, disempowerment, separation & failure?

When the mass populace buys into these lies, they're easy to control.

When we are caught in feeling or thought loops, we are out of our only point of power, the present moment. So it's easy for the dominant messages of separation & scarcity to show up in the subconscious mind as the only truth.

(This is why I'm getting certified this year in the very modality that powerful CEOs are trained in, called Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP. It's a deepening of my already present practice of re-programming the subconscious mind with myself & my clients.)

Let's ask ourselves a few questions when we notice tension sensations or repeat feeling loops:

Who benefits from me feeling this repeat loop?

Who am I beyond this feeling?

If I let myself stop & feel this feeling, what is underneath it? Who is there?

Many times, there's nothing there. No story. No cause.

And even if there is a root to a feeling, just allowing the feeling, seeing the underlying association & playing into healing at that level can still bring us to what lies beyond feelings.




All in the present moment.

How do you practice the immediate intimacy of presently feeling your feelings?

If you'd like more support in this, more intimacy with your own presence & the emptiness underneath repeated feeling patterns, reach out. This is the level of healing I live for

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