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The Mind Tells Stories. We Can Re-write How the Story Goes.

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

It's a unique time in life when we have been called to really look at how we respond during a time of crisis & high stress. Not getting to do what we thought we were going to do has given us a chance to let go of those ideas & see what we really want to create from where we are now.

All of our feelings~frustration, loneliness, anger, sadness~during shelter in place are showing us exactly what our subconscious wants our conscious mind to see, give space to, & re-program.

If you're like me~& I know you are or you wouldn't be reading this~you've been dreaming up "the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible," to quote Charles Eisenstein. You've been doing your inner work & you have seen how your inner growth directly affects the outer world.

So why the hell are we in this place globally that we are in?

Of course there are many reasons, but this is how I'm framing COVID:

So we can heal the triggers that come up.

Everything, everything, everything in life is meant to show us what is real in the subconscious & unconscious realms, both individually & collectively. Nothing happens to us. 

It all happens because of us.

So yeah, in the collective & individual subconscious there's pain, separation, fear of suffering & fear of dying. It's true.

And if we keep operating on automatic, letting that subconscious programming run the world, we will never create that more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. We will just keep creating the same old shit that's already been done.

What are we to do? 

Re-program the subconscious mind. And then fill those spaces with universal energy, new visions & new patterns.

We can learn & use techniques to bring subconscious patterns to the surface. Practices that allow us to really see ourselves & who we really are, all the way down to the unconscious, where guilt, shame & fear live.

Practices like meditation. Tapping. Hypnosis. Visualization. Breathwork.

Soul retrieval (where we do a mediation to take us back to a place/time where we experienced a formative trauma & we re-write the part where we repeat the trauma forever into freedom from that old pattern). 

Then we can fill those spaces that we uncover with pure universal energy: Reiki, chakra cleansing, cord cutting & subconscious re-programming (giving the subconscious a new picture of what we want to create). 

We can do these practices together. Re-learn what we have been doing on autopilot, solve old, deep patterns, write a new tomorrow for ourselves & our world.

Here are some opportunities coming up that can support you in your journey of creating the most beautiful story you can write about your life:

1:1 Lifestyle Coaching~In depth, multi-month coaching, individual sessions, coaching & Reiki hybrids, shamanic journeying, subconscious re-programming...we can do it all long distance via Zoom, right in the comfort of your home, your happy place, in your pjs. 

DREAMS Course~We can begin uncovering what you want, why you want it & how to get you there in my DREAMS Course, which is a hybrid of coaching, subconscious mind reprogramming, journaling, meditation & 1:1 work. Click the DREAMS tab on my homepage or message me for deets!

Lots of love, always.

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