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Tell the truth and love everybody.

Sometimes the truth inspires uncomfortable feelings.




Based on past experiences, we may feel afraid of telling the full truth when we sense that a present situation is like a past, traumatic situation.

The psyche always needs to make it right. Our subconscious mind interprets situations according to what trauma and other programming have conditioned the it to believe is true.

Since the subconscious is genetically coded to protect and preserve the body first and foremost, the subconscious interprets present events as similar to past events so we can choose a different outcome.

So we can choose an outcome that brings wholeness instead of fracture.

The truth over a lie.

This is how and why experiences repeat themselves and this is why I offer the modalities I offer.

So we can create a different outcome. A different neurological pattern. A different choice.

All it takes is learning what methods feel aligned with you, your needs, your values and your experiences and we go from there.

If you got the chance to change old trauma patterns and create new ones, what would it give you?

What could you create in your life if you redirected that energy you used to spend on the old loop into living life on a brand new, authentic level?

It’s time to find out, my love. Everything gets to be different now.

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