• Sarah Hoover

Rest, Rest, Rest

How are you? How do you feel? How are you caring for yourself?

Would you take 30 seconds to answer those questions to yourself with me?

Check-ins like these become essential during these days of new challenges & growth opportunities.

Let's be real~we are always in days of new challenges & growth opportunities. It's an illusion to think we ever really knew what was going to happen next.


These past five months since our day to day lives have changed so drastically have brought all kinds of new experiences, heartache, openings & desires for tools to learn how to both flow & consciously grow.

I offer that relaxation is one of our foundational keys for not only day to day survival, but also for learning how our souls & guides are leading us to go with the flow & consciously grow with purpose all at once. 

What do you do regularly, daily, to relax? I mean, to really relax & destimulate the nervous system? Something beyond or even in addition to the tried & true glass of wine, reading a book, having a treat, buying something, or watching a show?

Don't get me wrong, I love all of these & get into them on different levels on different days.

Truly destimulating the nervous system happens when we practice calming things like meditation, listening to calming frequencies, being in silence, even gardening, bathing or laying down in quiet. Breathing from the belly. Restorative or yin yoga. Yoga nidra recordings. Listening to guided meditation, binaural beats or hypnosis. Even playing music or an instrument. Singing. Chanting. Humming. Again, silence. 

These non-activities put the nervous system into rest & digest & can get the brain into alpha or theta state, the states needed for creativity & deep relaxation. They can set us up for the delta state, the state of deep sleep. 

Twenty minutes a day. Two ten minute sessions or all twenty at once. I encourage us to start there & see how enriched our peace can become just by taking care of our brain states & practicing ways to re-teach the brain to chill the f out.

I need more of this. I bet you do too. 

Here's some resources to support you as you begin. I'd love to hear back from you about how your calming practices are supporting you, or if you have anything you need support with, I'm here!

Richard Miller Yoga Nidra:

Reiki Grounding Meditation:

Elli Richter Grounding Meditation:

Alpha Waves:

Delta Waves:

Kirtan Kriya with Nirinjin Kaur:

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