• Sarah Hoover

Love in the Darkness

Sending you so much love and Reiki energy for healing and being in this moment. Your presence and return to who you are in each moment of presence influences all of us to do and be the same.

Just ourselves. Now. In this moment. No story. So easy. So free.

I'd love to share the journals with you from our last Moon Circle: Wild Darkness. These questions and our practice of gathering in circle have certainly increased my flow down and in.

Into what stories still want to shape the present. Which gives me information about what parts of me are asking for my love and attention.

These questions can support us in deep diving into how to care for those parts of us that we may have not known how to love in the past.

1. What resistance and aversion are present around the thing that you know you must see and love within yourself that you have not been willing to see up to this point? What does this resistance or aversion push you to avoid, hate or criticize? 2. What does the part of you that has been in hiding, unseen, unmet, most want and need? Where does this part live in your body? How can you meet their needs? What is their highest intention? Where have you outsourced in order to find love and acceptance for that part when really, inner love, acceptance and understanding are the medicine that this part of you truly needs? 3. Who can you be instead when you meet this part with loving kindness and understanding? Who can you be when you meet the highest intention of this part of you? What can you do, be and have? What does it give you to meet yourself in this way? Paint the picture with your five senses: What do you see, feel emotionally and physically, hear, smell and taste when you choose to meet yourself fully? What images or symbols or words come up here? 4. Gratitude list for 10 elements that are currently in your life and/or list The Top Ten Reasons I Can Trust My Darkness.

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