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It's Time to Believe What's Really True

What an amazing time to be alive! So many of us are gathering, stepping up, reaching out for support & taking action to heal our wounds & set our feet on new paths of growth & service. 

We could spend years & lots of money making outside changes. Changes to our environment. Changes to our behavior. Changes to our habits. 

But if our internal belief system is contrary to the changes we want to make, the outside newness will eventually wear off & we will fall back into behaviors that reflect that internal belief system.

What I truly believe about myself shows up in the details of how I live my life & what I attract to me. 

We've heard it said that everyone is a mirror. Think about that. What common themes keep showing up in your relationships? In your work? At home?

These themes reflect what you subconsciously believe is true about yourself & the rest of the world.

If I was made to feel less than, not enough or not valuable as a child or if I carry that belief from before I was born, then situations & people in my life will treat me as less than important. 

The belief that I am not valuable just as I am, that I have to somehow earn my worth through productivity didn't come from me. I didn't create it.

But it was programmed into most of us from before we were born & or from a young age.

Think about it: the larger society teaches us that worth comes from productivity & meeting others' definitions of what is important in life. This is why many of us have awakened to find ourselves in jobs, relationships & lives that don't reflect who we really are or what we really want. 

Organized religion teaches us that there is something wrong with us from the day we are born that must be fixed by an outside source.

These are foundational beliefs programmed into everyone I know & they are just. not. true.

You know in your conscious mind that you're worthy & valuable, that you were pure & innocent when you were born.

But if the subconscious believes the opposite, then that belief will drive every choice & every occurence in your life.

We can reprogram any belief in the subconscious mind. Practices such as visualizations, meditations where we time travel to the original wound to witness & heal it, hypnosis, sound healings + meditation, future self visioning, & energy body + womb healing can all align our inner belief system to our outer wants & desires for our lives. 

I offer all of these along with the energetic powerful channel of Reiki, universal source energy, to bring a profound & lifelong healing & resetting of our subconscious belief systems.

This week my clients have made foundational shifts in their belief systems, installing the following:

***I am safe & free to be myself.

***I am happy & free.

***I am valuable & important just as I am.

Once we plant these beliefs in the subconscious, they are there for the rest of our lives & we are empowered to align our outside life according to our inner beliefs that are truly powerful & our own, not some belief that we were programmed to believe by a system that wants to control us.

I invite you to reach out & see what we could create together. There's never been a more inspiring time than NOW to make lifelong shifts & changes in our internal, then external, worlds. 

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