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Everything is a mirror

There are so many reasons to express gratitude for ourselves as the universe for living the life we are living.

I love to journal two bullet lists: Top Ten Reasons I Thank Myself for my Transformation and Top Ten Reasons I Can Trust Myself.

What comes out of my soul into these lists is ever-changing and always reminds my conscious mind that I am the universe creating all of the outcomes I experience.

I resonate with feeling my own self sourced power, my own wisdom, my own strength. I recognize these as coming from "outside" of myself as well as inside.


I can only experience love, power and truth from the "outside" or from the "outer world" to the extent that I experience love, power and truth inside my own inner being.

Unconditional, constant self love and acceptance.

Endless renewal of my own internal power on physical, mental and energetic levels.

Stable, trustworthy internal truth telling about my own reality, thoughts, feelings and where they come from, what they mean.

Sometimes thoughts and feelings don't mean anything; they're just in the ether, and I don't have to always expend cathartic energy trying to figure out what it all means. Accepting what is, no matter whether my conscious mind deems the thought or feeling desirable or not, is the key foundation for my inner truth telling.

My point is: "Out there" is an illusion. Out there is just a mirror for what goes on inside. Out there is just a reflection of inner reality, both individual and collective.

All of the practices I love and offer-hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming sessions, meditation, breathwork, yoga, circles, retreats, soul retrieval with T.I.M.E. Techniques and more-they all present the opportunity to clearly see, love and accept our truth, our inner world.

From there we are able to "do" what we came here for:

We came just to be. Just to exist.

Then from there we can feel what it means to be ourselves, express our desires, share our gifts and enjoy every facet of life.

Unconditional acceptance of what is gives us the chance to revel in it all. To experience pure pleasure in everything.

It's an amazing trip and I'm here for all of it with you.

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