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Ancestral Healing

Even though Days of the Dead are called so in certain cultures, these days of harvest and ancestral connection are universal in cultures all over the world. This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere is a time of deep gratitude and ancestral inquiry for many cultures on various continents. These are times we can connect with our lineage, with the truth of healing that resides in our bones, in the genetics and dreams that our ancestors passed down to us. These are the days of Ancestral Healing. What did your ancestors dream that is rising up inside of you? Feel it in your bones. Call it forward. Whatever it is-it’s the dream that lights you up and that makes your heart beat steady, strong and with intentional opening to the energy of all of creation. This dream calls you to be you-all of you. This dream calls you to shed ALL stories in the timeline of suffering, discrimination and lack. This dream calls you to rise in your power and humbly offer your entire being to being yourself. Your full self. There’s no actual fear in this dream. Nor is there excitement. There’s just being. Reality. Space. Freedom. Expression. That’s your yes. Inquire after that spaciousness. Open to that freedom. That’s where your dream lives.

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